Multichannel customer feedback mechanism

Mobile software company Rapide Communication is taking an interesting approach to the problem with a new product called Rant & Rave. It's based on the premise that, to gain the most accurate data, feedback must be collected from customers as soon as possible after the experience feedback is being solicited for. According to Gartner:

The most important aspect of feedback is timing. Gartner has determined that feedback collected immediately after an event is 40% more accurate than feedback collected 24 hours after the event.

For multichannel companies, this means that feedback mechanisms have to be multichannel too. That's where Rant & Rave comes in. It allows customers to provide feedback via the web, SMS, email or phone. Feedback collected by the system is aggregated and fed to a Sentiment Engine that Rapide developed in conjunction with the University of Birmingham. According to Rapide, its Sentiment Engine is capable of automatically scoring and categorizing feedback to produce a high-level overview that "clearly shows" what consumers think of the company's products, services, etc.