YouTube's business performance statistics

Several sources in the market research community have estimated YouTube’s revenues (for 2008 or 2009, as noted):
  • Jefferies & Co., 2009: $500 million
  • Bear Stearns, 2008: $90 million
  • Screen Digest, 2009: $120 million
  • Forbes, 2009: $350 million
  • Morgan Stanley, 2008: $75 million to $189 million
  • Credit Suisse, 2009: $240 million
While significant, and wildly varied, those revenues are dwarfed by the cost of running the site.
According to Multichannel News, Credit Suisse analysts project that YouTube bandwidth costs, content licensing agreements, hardware needs and other expenses will reach over $700 billion in 2009.
In fact, bandwidth and content licensing agreements, costs that cannot be easily allayed, will account for 87% of total expenses. 


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