Digital marketing in Singapore: Trends, statistics, User Behavior

Facts and statistics about internet / web / digital marketing in Singapore:
  • In 2010, about  84% of households had access to at least one computer at home.
  • Amongst households with school-going children, 96% had computer access at home.
  • About 82% of households had Internet access at home. Almost all of such households connected to the Internet using broadband.
  • A larger proportion of households in private housing continued to have access to the computer and the Internet compared to households in public housing.
  • “No need to use” and “Lack of skills” remained the most commonly cited reasons by households for not having access to a computer or Internet at home.
[Source of above information: Singapore Infocomm Usage in Households and Individuals Survey 2010 - IDA Singapore]
  • 3,658,400 Internet users as of June, 2010, 77.8% of the population, according to ITU.
  • 2,488,900 Facebook users on June 30/11, 52.5% penetration
  • Internet users as percentage of population in Singapore: 73.3% of population - 2009 [Source: World Bank, World Development Indicators]

Singapore Users - Social Media Usage Statistics & Trends

As per a recently published published a study examining how much time people living in different countries spend on Facebook.
  • Singaporeans actually spend the longest on the social network, with an average of 38 minutes and 46 seconds per session
  • People living in Brazil spend less than half that with an average of 18 minutes and 19 seconds per Facebook session for August 2011.
  • Singapore is followed by New Zealand (30 mins 31 sec); Australia (26 mins 27 sec); the UK (25 mins 33 sec); and the US (20 mins 46 sec). 
Internet / web / online Usage and Population Statistics of Singapore:

% Pop.
Usage Source
36.8 %
66.3 %
72.4 %
77.8 %

Singapore Online Video Viewers statistics, Video User Demographics and Growth Trends
April 2010 rankings of the top video properties in Singapore based on data from its comScore Video Metrix service. The report found that 
  • 87 percent of Singapore’s Internet population viewed video online in April 2010
  • The average Internet user in Singapore spent 10.5 hours viewing video in April, consuming 130 videos for a period of 4.9 minutes per video on average. 
  • The demographic composition of online video viewers revealed that users age 15-24 were the most engaged demographic segment, averaging 192 videos per viewer during the month and consuming more than 15 hours of video content. 
  • People age 55 and older also showed heavy engagement with online video, averaging 12 hours of consumption and 155 videos per viewer in April. 
  • Although users age 25-44 represented the highest percentage of unique video viewers, they spend less time viewing video and watch fewer videos per viewer than the younger and older age segments.
  • In April, Internet users in Singapore watched nearly 320 million videos, with Google Sites ranking as the top video property with 204 million videos, representing 63.8 percent of all videos viewed online.
  • accounted for more than 99 percent of all videos viewed at the Google property.
  • ranked second with 10.2 million videos viewed (3.2 percent market share), followed closely by Tudou Sites with 4.5 million videos (1.4 percent market share).
  • In Singapore, 2.5 million unique viewers watched an average of 130 videos per viewer during the month. 
  • Google Sites attracted the largest video audience with 2.1 million viewers during the month (99 videos per viewer), followed by with more than 1 million viewers (9.7 videos per viewer) and Microsoft Sites with 403, 000 viewers (6.7 videos per viewer).
Digital marketing companies in Singapore
  • Affle: Singapore-headquartered mobile media and advertising startup Affle has raised over $10 million from D2 COMMUNICATIONS (D2C), Japan’s largest mobile advertising company and a subsidiary of the country’s largest mobile operator, NTT DoCoMo, in joint venture with DENTSU. D2C joins Microsoft, Itochu, Bennett Coleman & Company and Centurion Private Equity as investors in Affle. Affle products include communication apps Pinch and SMS2.0, and mobile couponing service Coufon, among others. D2C is the largest mobile advertising agency in Japan, with rights to sell all inventories on NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s biggest mobile carrier with over 57 million subscribers. The new capital will be used for consolidation of product development efforts and boosting Affle’s business in existing Asian markets, as well as launching in new markets.
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The following information is a result of the annual 'Infocomm Usage by Enterprises survey, 2008 carried out by IDA. We have shortlisted some of the information which internet marketing professionals should know for structuring their online marketing plans.

Any kind of online / internet marketing initiatives should be undertaken keeping these consumer behaviour trends. 
However this survey also highlighted certain barriers which internet marketing professionals may face in the Singapore market:


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