Effectiveness of Marketing communication

The following are some factors that can greatly increase the effectiveness of our marketing communication:

  • Have a story to tell. Present your product or business as a compelling story and the chances that someone in the media will be intrigued go up dramatically. 
  • Time your approach. If you don't have a great story to tell (yet), hold off and make sure you're working to craft one. Maybe it's a story about how your business was launched. Maybe it's a story about your first customer. Whatever it is, wait until you have it and then begin your media outreach.
  • Start local. Before making a concerted effort to reach out to national media, try local newspapers, radio stations, bloggers, etc. 
  • Be selective. By all means, put out a press release but also take the time to consider who specifically is most likely to be interested in your story. You can then reach out personally. It's these approaches that typically pay off, even though they require more time and effort.
  • Be persistent. Just about everyone in the media, from journalists to bloggers, is bombarded by pitches on a non-stop basis. If you're going to get through, you usually have to be persistent.