Brand protection on Social Networks

Thanks to social networking sites and other online communities, consumers are increasingly interacting on third party services that have become targets for brand hijackers, impostors and opportunists. Their MO: snap up usernames that are related to major brands (and prominent individuals). Sometimes it's done for fun, other times for profit. 

While dealing with hijackers and impostors on sites like Twitter and Facebook is usually as simple as sending an email to customer service, the hassle of having to monitor the use of your brand across so many popular sites is no doubt a real pain, as is having to take the time to contact those sites when a problem account is located.

Two new services are aiming to make it easier for brands protect their brands on social media websites:

  •, allows you to check a username's availability across 102 different popular social media websites. 
  • KnowEm, goes a step further. It not only gives you the ability to check a username's availability across 120 popular sites but, for $64.95, will register the desired username where available and send you the account information.