User Generated Content Statistics

User-generated content is affordable, accessible and amenable to mass participation, the delta between creators and consumers is smaller than in traditional media. That may be the main reason why this type of content continues to grow in usage, though not in revenues. The above statistics give a picture of what types of user generated content are more popular.
The reasons for the above trend can be many:
  • Lowered technical barriers in content creation fields such as online video, which to date have required at least some level of technical expertise
  • Increased comfort levels with blogs and user-generated video sites as these platforms solidify their places in the digital content mainstream
  • The rapid rise in popularity of photo-sharing sites, particularly among teens
  • High levels of engagement in most user-generated content activities among younger users, who are considered early adopters and bellwethers of the broader population
  • The emergence of microblogging and user-generated social networks
  • The crowdsourcing of content by companies