Major Mobile website usability issues and solutions

Some of the the major mobile usability issues are:
  • Slow load times - Most pages take too long to load, especially on non-3G phones, but even iPhones and Blackberries deliver slower browsing than the average PC. This means that users are often reluctant to request additional pages.
  • Too much scrolling - Small mobile screens make for much scrolling and increases the chance that users miss things on websites. 
  • Bloated pages - big pictures, long pages etc. All cause issues for mobile internet users.
  • Javascript crashes - many rich media features and videos cannot work on mobile. For instance, I cannot view any videos on the BBC from my iPhone.
Possible Solutions:
  • Produce dedicated versions of their sites for mobile
  • Optimising for different mobile devices. 
  • Producing dedicated apps for devices like the iPhone.