Finance quiz with answers

1.In the world of trade and commerce what is special about the commissioning of Monte dei Paschi si Siena in Italy in 1742?
2.Which bank is promoted by 20th Century Finance Corporation and Keppel Tatlee Bank of Singapore in India?
3.Name the term used for depreciating a company's intangible assets?
4.This term is derived from the Greek word 'Oikanomia' means "House Management". What is it?
5.What is known as the cost of living index which represents the goods and services purchased by consumers?
6.How ABN-AMRO bank got it's present name?
7.What is known as "Greenshoe Option" or "Overallotment"?
8.Name the first Indian woman CEO of a Foreign Bank?
9.Royal & Sun Alliance recently re-entered, after 29 years, to Indian financial market and it is the first foreign insurance company started operations here through a joint venture with an Indian company. Name the company?
10.He is the pioneer in mutual fund industry and often referred as the Father of Index Fund investing. He created the first S&P 500 Index fund. Identify this famous person?

  1. First Trading Bank in the world
  2. Centurion bank
  3. Amortization
  4. Economy
  5. CPI - Consumer Price Inde
  6. ABN-Algemene Bank Nederland. AMRO- formed after the merger of Amsterdamsche Bank and Rotterdamsche Bank. Created after the merger of ABN & AMRO in 1991.
  7. A typical underwriting agreement allows the underwriters to buy upto an additional 15% of shares at the offering price.The term originated from the Green Shoe company which first having this option.
  8. Tarini Vaidya of KBC Bank India & South Asia
  9. Sundaram Finance
  10. John Bogle