Barack Obama inauguration on internet

  • According to Akamai, a CDN provider, 7.7 million people watched streaming video of the inauguration online simultaneously (likely a new record). It tracked 5.4 million visitors per minute at noon across the pages on websites it hosts content for.
  • CNN reports that throughout the day, more than 27 million people watched Live on CNN streams offered on At one point, it counted 1.7 million simultaneous viewers. All told, CNN properties generated over 135 million page views.
  • Facebook, which partnered with CNN for the event, counted 4,000 status updates per hour on Tuesday morning and at one point during President Obama's inaugural speech, 8,500 comments were being posted per minute on the website.
  • Twitter experienced 5x the normal number of tweets per second.
  • Keynote Systems measured performance declines of as much as 60% on the internet's top 40 websites as the inauguration ceremony began and some websites like reportedly went down almost entirely. The fact that so many popular websites were able to serve up so much content to so many people (even with a few hiccups) really is a testament to today's internet infrastructure, especially when you consider the resource-intensive nature of streaming video and social networking functionality.