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In May 2015, RJMetrics scraped 236 million LinkedIn profiles, roughly 65% of profiles on the site, looking for members who included “data scientist” in their job title or headline, in any of 9 languages. Here are some interesting trends and statistics.

Data Science by trends by numbers
The report tallied a minimum of 11,400 data scientists worldwide. That is the number of complete profiles in which an employees describe themselves as full-time data scientists on LinkedIn. RJMetrics found many incomplete or partially private profiles that included the term data scientist, so the number could be as high as 19,400.

Data Science growth trends and statistics\
According to the report, the number of data scientists has doubled over the last four years. In fact, 50% of all data scientists earned the title within that period.

Data Science demand trends and statistics Demand for data scientists has outpaced demand for other types of tech professionals, such as engineers or dat…

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