December 13, 2014

The Glass House - Deli Bistro Bar Experience

It was the Amrut Whisky tasting session where I got an opportunity to experience The Glass House situated on the Lavelle Road in Bangalore. Everything about the place seems extremely meticulous and yet very simple and effortless. I would like to share some the experience through some amazing pictures I got to take there.

The ambiance of the place is something which nothing less than love at first sight - bright, lively and very beautiful!

After getting my eyes off the ambiance, it was time to get the heart indulge in some amazing delicacies - each one with a very unique flavor of its own!

Goat’s cheese lollipops @ The Glass House

Fish and chips inspiration: house tartar sauce, lavash crisp @ The Glass House
Beef carpaccio: red wine cured, shaved ginger, togarashi spice @ The Glass House

Chicken fire cracker: red dynasty cabbage slaw, scallions @ The Glass House
Stuffed mini eggplant roulade: hummus @ The Glass House

Lamb and jalapeƱo sliders: pickled cabbage, mini bun @ The Glass House
Rosemary margarita: san marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, fresh rosemary @ The Glass House
Chocolate Shoes @ The Glass House
So the next time you are near Lavelle road, you know where to get yourself indulged!

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