May 8, 2009

IT-Investment-Business quiz with answers ctd.

6. In Mutual Fund terminology, what is a SIP?
  Start Investment Plan
  Simple Investment Plan
  Serial Investment Plan
  Systematic Investment Plan
7. JBIMS is a popular business school located in which Indian city?
8. Which airliner recently introduced the concept of Spot fares that gives up to 70 per cent discount on air tickets?
  Indian (Airlines)
  Air Deccan
  Kingfisher Airlines
  Jet Airways
9. What is the name of the BPO arm of IT major Satyam Computer Services Limited?
10. Which of the following is not a place where the historic NASDAQ Remote Bell is not rung?

6. Systematic Investment Plan
7. Mumbai
8. Indian (Airlines)
9. Nipura


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